What do Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the fishermen’s village and port of Katakolo, a waterfall called the “Gate of Heaven” in the mountainous village of Nemouta and the 150-year old Mercouri estate and winery with its historical mansion have in common? They are all exhilarating day-trips you can take from Ploes Villas!

Discover the deep history of Ancient Olympia and run on the track of the Stadium of Ancient Greek Olympic athletes! Dare a cooling splash in the crystal waterfalls and rivers of the mountainous village of Nemouta, and taste more than 150 years of local history in the acclaimed wines of Mercouri winery and estate, while experiencing time travel strolling around the well-preserved mansion and grounds of the estate.

The wider region offers a multitude of places of interest, from important historical landmarks and archeological sites, to places of unique natural beauty for sports and recreational activities (such as kitesurfing, scuba-diving, canyoning and horse-riding,) and of course hidden gems of local cuisine and culture. Ask us for tips! We will be more than happy to guide you in discovering all our region has to offer!