Katakolo Village & Port

Katakolo Village & Port

The small fishermen’s village of Katakolo is built right on the seafront, hugged by a low hill covered with a dense pine forest and olive groves. 
Its port is a popular stop for cruise ships, offering an opportunity for passengers to visit the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia. 

Ideal for a morning coffee or an evening stroll, Katakolo has a variety of shops, cafeterias, restaurants, shops with clothing and traditional Greek products. The impressive view of the docked cruise ships while enjoying your coffee or lunch on one of the cafés of the promenade, offers a unique contrast with the small, traditional fishing boats (“kaikia”) that are still being used by local fishermen! 

Travel Tips
  • Distance: 8Km
  • Total duration: 1-3 hours
  • Admittance: Free

Indulge in the relaxing mood of a small fishermens' village

If you want to enjoy the view from above, you can take one of the two footpaths that start at the back street of the village (one of them starts behind the church) for a short walk up the hill. The view is quite rewarding, as you can see the entire Gulf of Kyparissia extending, and even the mountaintops of mainland Peloponnese.

You might to discover the lighthouse of Katakolo, one of the few remaining examples of old, limestone lighthouse architecture, built in 1865 (you can see the lighthouse, though admission into its grounds is forbidden for safety reasons.)

Discover the traces of exciting history

One of the most important sites of Katakolo is the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, which houses an astonishing collection of prototypes of reconstructed devices and mechanisms, showcasing some of the greatest technological feats of Ancient Greeks. 

If you drive or walk all the way to nearby Agios Andreas, you might catch a glimpse of remains of the medieval Pontikokastro/Beauvoir castle still standing on a hilltop northeast of the modern port, but the castle is mostly ruined and its original appearance can only be surmised. 

Katakolo is a destination definitely worth visiting during your stay at Ploes Villas, especially if you want to experience the slow and relaxed pace of the local summer culture!