Nemouta Waterfalls

Nemouta Waterfalls

A hidden gem of the Greek countryside even for locals, the waterfalls of Nemouta will astonish you with their natural beauty. An ideal day-trip if you wish to experience the diversity of landscapes our land has to offer and break away from the summer heat!

Within less than an hour drive from Ploes Villas, you will find yourself driving through the vast, ancient oak forest of Foloi, home of the Centaurs, the mythical half-men, half-horse creatures of ancient Greek Mythology. It was Folos, one of the Centaurs that helped Hercules capture the free-roaming, destructive Erymanthian Boar (a symbol for the destructive power of the river Erymanthos), in one of the most popular myths of Ancient Greece and a beautiful allegory for man’s quest to control nature.

After a while you will find yourself in the small mountainous village of Nemouta. From there you can go on a hiking trail through the forest, and bathe in the waters of a series of waterfalls as well as in the Erymanthos river.


Travel tips

Discover unique natural beauty at the "Gate of Heaven"!

The “Gate of Heaven” is probably the most impressive of the waterfalls of Nemouta, and you will realize why it was aptly named this way when you get there! Conveniently also, it is also one of the most easily accessible waterfalls, approachable by a short walk through a footpath along a small stream (the start of the footpath being next to the road, where you can park your car). The moment you encounter the Gate of the huge pitfall, with fresh waters and light gushing from the open sky up above, is certainly awe-inspiring! 

Chill in the fresh waters of Erymanthos river

Shortly after the “Gate of Heaven” you will find a small metal bridge. If you cross it you will find yourself on a trail along the banks of Erymanthos river, passing by olive groves. Along the way you’ll meet the waterfalls named “Soufala” and “St. Ioannis” by the locals, and eventually reach a wide riverbank where you can enjoy diving and floating in the refreshing waters of Erymanthos river.

Nemouta waterfalls are a refreshing surprise in the heart of summer, one you should definitely try during your stay at Ploes Villas!